Tuesday, March 11, 2008

alive and annoyed

I just got a soliciting call from a group that first had me verbally agreeing on just how important their role in communities was - how would you say no when somebody carefully words things like, "I'm sure you would agree that helping disaster victims and homeless people is very important".
Then he asked, "Ma'am after hearing this I am sure you would want to lend your support to us in this and let me tell you about our levels of support."
I butt in with a "I would have to discuss this with my husband."
The rude fellow on the other end had the audacity to say, "Ma'am I'm sure your husband trusts you enough to make a decision like this."
Whoa, that is NOT going to get a single penny out of me. Try to appeal to me with that line - right. . . .
"First, you know nothing about my husband to make a statement like that. But yes, my husband trusts me to make proper decisions, but we discuss all of our spending together, so I would like to discuss this with him."
"You mean your husband would object to your spending $25 on a good cause?"
I do not know who taught him these lines or if he actually gets anywhere with these guilt trips or manipulation ploys (you mean your husband doesn't trust you - you can't even spend $25 without asking his permission??), but he sure was n't getting anywhere with me!
"That is not the point, the point is that I said my husband and I discuss our spending with each other so I would have to talk to him." "Okay ma'am please keep us in mind." And I hung up first, because in a very juvenile way, it made me feel slightly better to hang up before he could hang up . .
And if I get one more call from the local newspaper about the spring/fall/winter/summer/patrick's day/easter sale of .33c a day newspapers INCLUDING Sunday and "If you'll just give us your information I can have you signed up and getting it in 3 days."

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Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Heather, I'm so glad you're blogging again! I've missed you! Thanks for commenting on mine. Sounds like we could commiserate with each other! Hope you are coming to the Wissmann concert Fri. night, it would be great to see you! I hope to write and catch up soon after the convention. Love, Lynn