Monday, October 08, 2007

Oh MY!

I just spent half of an hour looking through Ben's old links, trying to figure out his password and username and finally an old link signed me in automatically. I've tried a few other times to sign in - obviously unsuccessfully - and had come to the conclusion that I'd need to start up a new website. :) I guess not, but I fear people will probably drop dead of shock when they see something has been posted a mere 8 months since the last post.
I don't even know where to begin because it has been so long. I can't post pictures as it is now a complicated process that Ben started to explain to me once and I ended up deciding I'd just ask him to post pictures if I wanted to. But I will post pictures of the past 8 months (in progression even) once I figure out how to do it.
I think it may be a tad arrogant to assume you are all dying to know what has been going on for this long, but because I enjoy to type I will pretend the world has been on tiptoe and bated breath the whole time. :)
This past week has been busy with my Mom visiting and helping with the girls and chores. Unfortunately it has been raining the past 3 days so we weren't able to get as much done as we wanted to and the world here is a soggy, muddy mess. The up side is that I don't have to haul water to the pigs and the down side is that I have to use the dryer to dry clothes as the house is too cold to dry clothes. We haven't lit the pilot light in the furnace yet as it requires going on the roof to cover vents and such (and it still costs to run the pilot light and I'm being as frugal as possible these days).
We do have a wood stove sitting in the living room, but have to connect it. Ben was going to do it Saturday, but we had fun with unexpected company (unexpected til they phoned LOL), and then on Sunday every time he'd open stuff to get at the chimney, he would get a call and have to go to the clinic to sew up a dog or something similar. So I cut a hole in the roof and got covered in dust and found the joists in just the wrong place for the chimney, so we three had to analyse how we could remedy the situation without moving the stove out another foot and hogging up the middle of the living room. It is raining like crazy so I will just get the hole in the ceiling done and hope that it is only rafters, wood and shingles so I can use the support box instead of the other more complicated methods to installing a chimney. It will sure be nice to have heat as it can get awfully cold at this time of year without supplemental heating. It has gotten as low as 48F in the house but then I just roast a chicken or something to warm the house up.
Elise is crying as her sister just bumped a chair into her. . . I am convinced that she is either crying or laughing at something her sister does to her. She is pulling herself up on things and crawls at lightning speed to follow us around the house. We only have 2 rocking chairs for furniture in our living room, so when my Mom was asking me the other day if Elise pulled herself up on furniture, I said I was sure she would be doing it if we had furniture. She takes a few steps if you hold her fingers and has just decided that oatmeal is a delicious breakfast food instead of toast. Yesterday she got to taste Indian food for the first time and spent 20 minutes licking dahl off a huge wooden spoon. Emily didn't like the food initially, but when I gave her a bit of chapati to scoop up some dahl and rice, she lit into it with much gusto for anything tastes good when you get to eat it with your fingers. Well, the girls are hungry and even if it is raining there is lots to do and animals to feed, so I'll sign off for now.
Heather for Ben working way too hard these days, Emily sitting on the floor eating last night's cold popcorn, Elise crying for oatmeal, Franklet and Mocha curled up in a comforter because it is soo cold, Bobby, Inky and General looking miserable in the rain (they are supposed to be barn cats . . . .), Tia, Becky and Isabelle sleeping under the house skirting to stay warm (the dogs all turned into outside dogs and won't be lured into the house), Dan missing Tilly who is at the neighbor's but not bred and will inevitably end up being pretty hamburger, Terrence who is on his own in the barn and missing his lovely girls Wilma, Mattie, and Gwen who are not enjoying the rain, and the 5 Hutterite pigs sleeping in a pile in the rain and dreaming of getting out and "hogging" down on tomatoes. . . .


Sher Hepworth said...

Heather; it's so good of you to finally update this site! I must admit though; I don't know where you are now! Canada or the US? You seem to be a very resourceful young woman! Can hardly wait to 'see' the family after all this time! (Ben and my oldest David 'met' through NGJ magazine when Ben was in college.)

Benjamin said...

Oops, forgot to answer this one. We are in North Dakota on a farm near Ben's work place. I finally got Ben to help me with posting a picture - it is of the pigs, but I'll be adding pictures soon!