Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rain, sleet, hail, ice, and snow

I looked at the forecast on Friday, and found that we were in for quite a storm. On Saturday it started to rain, and then the temperature began to drop. Soon, the entire landscape was covered by a quarter inch of ice. This morning when we got up we were met with a lovely wintry wonderland. I'm not sure the men responsible for removing all the snow were as excited as we were, and indeed my zeal was dampened quite a bit after digging us out from under the wet and sloppy blanket covering our van, sidewalk, deck, and driveway. Nonetheless, this did not keep Emily and I from thoroughly enjoying tramping around, taking pictures, walking the dogs, and freezing our fingers. Heather has a bit of a cold, so she couldn't join us, but Elise didn't seem to mind the company :^).

Here's a view down one of the streets with the beautiful snow laden branches forming a sort of archway.

Nothing like iced fruit... har har

I thought this was interesting, a tennis court chain link fence was turned into a privacy screen overnight.

There were a lot of downed branches

These icicles made a neat fringe all around our deck railing

These are our wind chimes, covered in ice

These buds had just begun to form, it will be interesting if this little coat of ice will be enough to protect them. I've heard of fruit farmers purposely spraying water on their plants when frost is predicted for this purpose.

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Lynn Bartlett said...

Hey Ben and Heather, I'm waiting for more photos of Elise and Emily! I'd also like to hear when you are moving up north. Lost another goat today, and we are trying to figure out just what is going on. Hopefully the other 3 aren't infected with whatever the other 2 had. Looking forward to visiting when you move up! Lynn