Monday, December 11, 2006

what has been keeping me busy

Well, the days seem to be flying and here it is already December 11. Ben wrote his board examination on the 7th and now it feels wonderful to know he has more of his evenings free as he doesn't have to do intensive studying anymore. He is on anesthesiology rotation right now and had lunch around 3:30 after they came out of surgery. Hopefully he'll be home on time for supper - although that means I should probably be working on supper as it is 4:36 right now. :)
It has been very lovely weather here and was in the mid 50's yesterday. We went to a lake and walked around it, and I remembered how out of breath I get at this stage - at least I am much more active than when I was pregnant with Emily. The little fellow (Ben says it is a boy) is very active at night and early morning when I'm trying to sleep and has been causing me a lot of pain in my back, which the chiropractor will hopefully be able to help ease on Wednesday when we go.
I have an appointment in Fargo to have my picture and fingerprints taken for an extended temporary visa, which is also Wednesday, but we are going to try to do it in Des Moines as we don't know how we would get all the way to Fargo. So WEdnesday will be busy as Ben just has the morning off and they were hesitant to let him have that much off as it is.
I have had a few orders for some of the hand lotions, bath bombs (typo in the picture), udder salve, boo boo balm and bath salts I've been making, so with Emily's help distributing things all over, I've been very busy trying to keep the house clean while making up orders. Our digital camera died while I was taking pictures of the products so I didn't get all of them, but here are some of the ones I finished. My favorite scent so far is Blackberry sage, and those who get gifts from me will notice there is a lot of Blackberry sage going on :). I also sell massage melts, lip balm, and a few other things, so if anybody is interested, send me an e-mail and I'll send you a brochure. These are all products my "allergic to life" (or shampoo, hand lotion, soap, dish soap, laundry soap, perfume, etc) skin can tolerate - that is how I got into making them. I can't use traditional lotions, creams or products, so decided to make my own and eliminate the cheap fillers, by-products and preservatives and have something that actually is healthy for your skin. :) I'm also quite anti petrolatum so none of the products have any carcinogens like that in them!!
It is getting dark and started to rain, so I'd better run out and get my pile of things from the shed recovered.
Signing off
Heather and Emily (who has her own keyboard and types beside me while I type)

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