Thursday, November 30, 2006

Home Home on the Range

While our little abode is only a 12 by 58 foot trailer, it is still home and it is so good to be back amongst our own things after 4 more weeks on the road. I finally got the floor clean enough to be washed after piling things on it for a week, and now my kitchen counter, freezer and dining room table are piled 2 feet high with things from the floor that have to be sorted out - but at least I have a clean kitchen floor ;)
Our neighbor moved out of her trailer permanantly yesterday and was carrying two new heaters to take out when she asked me if I could use some heaters. I was rather excited as before we left for Wyoming I had been pricing heaters for use in little areas of the trailer as in order to heat the bedroom to a decent temperature, the living room and kitchen overheat. They ended up being more than I wanted to spend, so I told Ben I would wait and here we got 2 lovely ones from our neighbor. She gave me permission to snoop through her tool shed as she was leaving everything in it, so I brought back all sorts of "treasures". I've been wanting a matt for in front of the door and she had a brand new rose matt (I'm sure Ben would have something to say about the decor if he wasn't too tired to notice after school), several clocks, new paint brushes and rollers galore (they are expensive when you are painting!), a craft cart which I'd been wanting for my business supplies, a lovely Holly wreath that I hung on our porch (Ben loves wreaths), 2 electric fans that work perfectly(now I can pass along our metal ones that don't turn off unless you unplug them), and a variety of odds and ends for decorating and gardening. I also got a few garden plaques that were small and fit in the front flower bed nicely.
The dogs haven't been outside yet and are giving me very very forlorn looks. But it is -3F and my hair is wet and my cough gets worse in the cold weather, PLUS Benski accumulated all of the coats from the house in the van last night as he would run to the van, get in, overheat, take the coat off, run back to the house without a coat on and then grab another one. Emily is driving Tia crazy as she loves to use Tia as a backrest while she types on her little keyboard and Tia gets tired of it. Right now she is getting Tia to lift a front paw so she can trim nails and Tia is about ready to leap up. Tia is finally recovering from her bout of "sickness" (the most polite way to say it), after sneaking 2 homemade loaves of french bread off the counter while Ben and I were out for 10 minutes. She can't handle any grain at all without getting sick, and this was a lot of grain. So I spent a lot of time rushing her outside yesterday and cleaning up messes when we didn't make it outside fast enough.
Mocha is enduring trailer life again, although if she could speak I'm sure she'd say she wanted to go back to the t-shirt warmth of Stegman's Isaiah building where she could lounge in front of the wood stove all day and bask in 90F weather. Now she curls up in a tiny ball in our 55-60F and looks very unhappy because I'm not giving her an egg and cat food to eat but making her eat the dog's raw food. I would have thought she'd love the ground chicken and such, but she thinks it is rather uncivilized.
Frank is not with us this time, as the morning we left ND, he disappeared completely. We had just seen him an hour before, but with 11 pairs of eyes he was no where to be seen. Finally we decided Mocha would be a good enough mouser and took off, only to get a phone call 3 hours later from Anna, saying Frank had shown up in the walkway and was looking very pleased with himself to have gotten out of a 12 hour drive. Frank does NOT like travelling whereas Mocha purrs and rubs and loves every part of it.
Benski is on Small Animal Medicine and had a long day yesterday, being in the clinic from 7:30 til just after midnight. He never came home for lunch or supper, and around 10 I went to bed, to be startled by a phone call from him asking if I could pick him up and take him out for a wee bite before he finished up his mile high paperwork. So Emily and I quickly changed and warmed up the van to take him out and then he dropped us off a little while later and took the van back so he would have a vehicle to get home with in case it stormed. He's enjoying it and learning lots, but nobody likes those kind of hours and not eating.
He goes to write his boards next Wednesday I believe and is remarkably calm and unstressed about it. I figure it must be because he realizes he can't hope to review 8 years of schooling in the short time he has to study, and if he doesn't know it at this point, nothing he reads or studies will help him pass the test next week.
Emily learned some words including "HoT" (emphasis on the Tuh) and "uppp" (Emphasis on the puh) Upp means she wants you to pick her up, help her get something, bring something down or pretty much anything else. She also is getting 5 molars and is awfully happy about it all considering the pain it is probably causing her
I'd better take the poor dogs outside before it gets much later.
Signing off Heather


Lynn said...

Hi Heather, glad you are back to blogging! I had almost given up on you! Sounds like your schedule is a bit more than I could have done. How are you feeling these days? No photos of you yet on your blog! Your work on the trailer looks great. I don't know how you do all that you do, you are amazing.

Sheri Hepworth said...

Ah, things are much much clearer now! Your life is hectic to say the least! Do you have student housing when you're away or do you have to make arrangements for hotels or apartments on your own? When is the new wee one due to be born? Is Ben going to be assisting in the birth? Thanks for the updates.