Friday, October 06, 2006

We left the cats in ND the whole time as we didn't figure it would be nice for them to have to travel that much and came back to dead mice and mice "evidence" everywhere which is very annoying. So I had to empty the cutlery drawers, rewash all the dishtowels etc (they eat hunks out of them!) and still have a few cupboards to clean out. It is like spring/fall cleaning every time we leave as I have to clean and wash it all. Our biggest news would be that we are expecting another little one in the middle of February. I've been much healthier this time, although am suffering the same aches and pains as I had before.
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Jonathan said...

Congratulations! Hope you don't work too hard! I'm going to scroll down and see if you have any updated photos of Emily. We need to see her before your new little one makes his/her appearance!
Love, Lynn (I'm going to leave this in Jonathan's name, as I don't want to lose it and have to type it in again!)

Sheri Hepworth said...

Congratulations on the new one to be! Your past few weeks seem to have been very busy for all of you. The farm that was sold: is that your parents, Heather?

Love the updates. Sure could improve things for us lurkers if there were more pictures of a certain little Miss!