Saturday, October 28, 2006

Phew it's hot in there!!
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Sheri Hepworth said...

It's November 28 and this is the first time I've seen these pictures! The date on the photos is October 28, so somehow I missed the updates over the past month!
Can you fill us 'readers' in on why you move from one state to another? What is the purpose of this latest move out of your mobile home? Are you in S. Dakota now or somewhere else? How much longer in vet school? How is the momma-to-be feeling in this pregnancy? Your wee one is adorable; she looks like she's a lot of fun!

Benjamin said...

I hope my newest post explains why we travelled around so much. We are in Iowa right now and will be hear til at least the end of January. Ben graduates in May, although he is taking his Board examination on December 7th. So technically we'll know by the end of January if he passed. :)
Momma to be is feeling a lack of energy, tired of being pregnant and like she couldn't get any bigger (now I understand so many of the things I have heard other ladies say! Actually, everything is going well and I have a very sweet patient husband to help me when I need it, and also remind me that I probably shouldn't be climbing on furniture to put pictures up if I don't want to have back pain at night :).
Thanks for writing