Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Phew, what a very long day. Benski was gone by 7:20 AM and though I waited for him to come home for lunch, he never did appear. I had the veggies grilled on the grill (oh boy are they good!) and the chicken is marinading waiting to go on also, but it is 9:30 and I guess he will not make an appearance til after 10. I feel so sorry for him – he told me not to pack a lunch because he was sure they would give him time off. He didn’t have breakfast, and they work them hard in ICU so I’m sure he will be starved and tired as can be. It was a very lonely day for me as I looked at the clock constantly, wondering what he was doing and if he was having a good day.
But I did get a lot accomplished. The dishes are done, countertop clean (as I am allergic to dish soap, I only wash when dishes accumulate), freezer top clean (it tends to accumulate things), table clean (it always accumulates things) floors were swept and mopped, and if he doesn’t come home soon I shall attack the bathroom. I got caught up on the laundry, though I still need to bring in a load off the line and hang this afternoon’s laundry up. When it rains I get behind very quickly as I rely on the line outside to dry all of our clothes. He’s going to need the entire weekend to recuperate from 12-16 hour days this week. Then next week he is on the 7PM to 7AM shift which will be hard and he has to go 7 days straight – in a 14 day period he only has 2 days off and the rest are at least 12 hour days. I was going to whip up a batch of apple strudel muffins so he could have some for breakfast and a snack at work, but with temperatures over 105F I decided not to do any baking (thus the grilled veggies). It took until almost 3PM to get the temperature of the house down below 84 and now I just have fans running to keep it at 79. The temperature is supposed to drop to the 70’s tonight and then tomorrow not get above 100, and slowly get better over the week. I checked the weatherbug and found out that Pierre reached a horrible 117F today – I had no idea South Dakota could get that hot. It has been the hot spot the past 3 days for the midwest. Even North Dakota has been hit with high 80’s weather and I’m sure Ben’s family is feeling the heat also.
It has been so long since I wrote that I don’t even know what to write about. Our internet connection is so poor that I can’t usually sign onto the website to write anything. I have learned the patience of dealing with a connection that is as slow as dial up, and while waiting for things to load, get cleaning and cooking jobs done.
Emily is just as sweet and adorable as ever, wandering around in a diaper most of the time as she gets heat rash so easily when it is in the 80’s. She cruises everywhere she wants to and even attempts a few steps on her own now and then. The rest of the time she hangs onto my legs and we walk together everywhere – she has learned how to walk very well beside me while hanging onto one of my pant legs. Tonight she was playing when I distracted her by spreading suds all over her face from the dishwater and she got all happy and excited, realizing I was doing dishes. So she had to join me and get all wet while dipping her feet in the water. She seems to connect things these days: yesterday I caught her ‘brushing her hair’ with my brush – very adorable – and today when she made a mess by trying to eat a stick of butter, when I dropped a dishrag on the floor to clean it, she swiped at the mess with the rag. Up until now she hasn’t connected a lot of things and just plays while I do it and tell her what a helper she is. She has 5 teeth now: two very big bottom ones and 3 on the top that are just through the gums. She is begging for supper now as I just kept giving her snacks in the hopes that we could all have supper together, but maybe tomorrow I should feed her earlier so she doesn’t get so hungry. She helped me clean all the veggies and even chewed on a piece of butternut squash for a long time, although she didn’t like the texture of it cooked and far preferred it to be raw.
The grass is growing like crazy and needs to be mown desperately and tomatoes need to be staked, but I get lightheaded and chills/shakes when I go out in the heat, so I’m waiting til the end of the week to work outside. I even noticed little dill sized pickles all over the cucumbers, so I need to check and see how many are ready to be pickled. There are jalapenos and green peppers ready and tomatoes are just turning red, so hopefully I can get a batch of salsa made as there is nothing as good as homemade salsa!! I’m going to advertise in freecycler for canning stuff as I have the jars and lids, but nothing to process the product in.
Well, it is 9:41 and I think I will go start the grill in preparation for Ben being home soon. It would be hard to have him work a lot of 12 hour days, and I will certainly know how it feels as he will be doing it for the next 4 weeks!
Signing off
Hungry Heather (I forgot to eat lunch!), Starving Emily, Well fed Tia and Becky, and Begging kitties (they can smell the chicken)

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