Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Busy day

I couldn't get the blog to down load yesterday, thus the post written yesterday was sent today. It took an hour to load the blog today so I am going to write two posts while it is loaded. :)
Last night Benski got home around 10:30, all happy and chipper. I don't know where he got his energy as he was going going going all day long - they saw 27 patients and he was on ER from 5-10 which meant he answered phones and decided if the people should come in, admitted, checked patients, administered stuff, called for backup veterinarians and so on. He regaled me with hilarious stories of trying to get prescriptions from a locked in pharmacy where he only had 10 minutes before the alarm system would go off and call in all the police in Iowa (or public health police or whatever). He would then be given a warning beep or two and have to rush over to the door lock and punch in the code for another 10 minutes. He had to type up prescription labels (something new he hasn't done before) and did not realize that whenever the typewriter got to the end of the page and he would start a new line, it would beep just like the lock. So after a minute he had a beep and flew over to the door to punch in the code, shaking his head at how quickly the 10 minutes went. Sweating to find the three prescription eye drops and type things up quickly, he typed another line and in what seemed like 30 seconds, heard another warning beep and raced back to punch in the code thinking he would never get out of there without setting the alarm off. Eventually he realized the typewriter was beeping and not the alarm . . . :)
Today Ben had until 10AM so he woke up a little later and I put together the apple strudel muffins that he only ended uphaving about 5 minutes to eat. Emily thoroughly enjoyed her muffin while I packed Ben a large lunch with tons of snacks (I'm sure he'll bring half of it back:), and then Emily and I headed out to get the lawn mower and mow. I gave her heart failure when I started up the lawn mower to test it and she wasn't prepared for the noise, but she recovered and watched me from the stroller. It sure looks nice to have the lawn mowed and when that was done I dragged out our large tarp that got all muddy in ND and sprayed at it with the hose til it was clean. Emily was scared of the noise and hung onto my leg when I thought she would play in the water. I brought our area rug out and soaked it with water (on the tarp) and then Emily helped me spread laundry soap all over and work it in. The area rug is so dirty and muddy as we send the dogs to it when they are dirty and the dogs sleep there most of the time. After getting tired of Emily being covered in dog hair from crawling on the rug, I decided to haul it out and try washing it as I am not going to replace it after just one year. So we scrubbed and then went in the house as it was getting a little warm. Mom was online so I got her stew recipe and started to work on the stew when I realized I didn't have cabbage, onion or a few other things I needed. So when it neared 1PM, I loaded Emily into the van to deliver a parcel to Fed Ex and to shop. After driving down every right hand road on Lincoln Way, I realized I had wasted 1/2 hour driving and decided to stop at the local Dollar Store to ask directions. She told me to go further to Daxton, through lights and past the cable and if I couldn't find it, come back and she'd help me with a phone book. Not that much help, but I told her I'd try. No Daxton, no cable store, so I stopped at a lawn mowing repair place and the young gentleman there told me where to go, tried to find me a map online and then when he couldn't find it, hand wrote a map. Ended up I just hadn't gone quite far enough and the turn was 2 roads further. So feeling sheepish because I've gone with Ben there 4 times and should have known where it was (who pays attention in the passenger seat??), I found it and got the shopping done and was home by 3. I worked on the stew and started some buns - EMily loved helping me put things in the bread machine. I fed her a very late lunch and then she fell asleep for a short nap. When she woke up 1/2 hour later, I noticed the area rug was drying in the sun, so we headed out to spray the soap off it. Emily was getting into it now and was soaking wet from head to toe from crawling through the ice cold water spray. It was and still is filthy, and I ended up having to pull it off the tarp as it was sitting and soaking up the dirty water. So then we sprayed it a little longer before soaping it up again and leaving it to sit for another while. We ran in to put the buns in the oven (they just rose in the breadmachine), and then headed back outside to weed the front flower bed which is looking rather pitiful and not very flowery. I tried to work on the tomatoes, but ended up snapping the main stem so that it won't continue to produce and will just ripen what was there. Emily proceeded to crawl up the steps so I jumped over the flower bed fence and helped her play for a little while. (she learned how to crawl up stairs on our vacation in BC). It was getting hot again (though nothing compared to yesterday!), so we went back in for a bit of a break and some supper. It is 8PM now and I need to go back out to rinse the carpet once more and roll up the tarp as it is supposed to thunderstorm tonight. I am going to try some fried green tomatoes from the main stem I accidentally snapped off and use some old ribbon to tie up the other three tomatoes that are flopping everywhere. The house quickly turned into a mess after the apple muffins, granola bars, buns and stew and the floor needs a quick sweep and wipe as Emily ate a messy apple and a few chocolate chips on it.
I'd best run before it gets dark.
Signing off
Heather for the crew

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