Wednesday, June 14, 2006

long time no blog

Well, it's been exactly a month since I've written and I can't believe how much things have changed. It seems so warm today and yet it is only 79, so I'm thinking the humidity must be fairly high. Emily and I may just have to go to the trailer park pool this afternoon if this keeps up. :) She enjoys swimming and has the most darling little swimsuit you could imagine. She is growing into quite the little girl who wants to do everything her Mom and Dad do - which was a part of our plan, so it's great to see it's working so well ;). I keep thinking she's getting excited about something - having a bath, playing with the hose etc - because they are fun things to do and she just wants to do them, but it is neat to see that she wants to do them because I am doing them. The other night I tried to have a quiet peaceful bath and instead a little child crawled her way down the hall, pushed open the door and then climbed up to the tub to hang her arm in and give me huge puppy eyes because she would love to have a bath. I ignored her for a while, and then finally decided to put her in. Well, it ended up it wasn't that she wanted to play in the water, because as soon as I got out so she could play, she wanted to come out also. And when I was washing the van yesterday, she got right in there with her clothing on and got muddy and soaking wet. I gave her a large tub lid with an inch of water to play in and it wasn't fun for her because I wasn't playing in it, so she ended up coming back over to me to help me vacuum out the van. And last night when Ben and I were putting together the cargo carrier for our van, guess who was standing in the middle of things holding the 3 inch bolts for us and talking away a hundred miles an hour. It is so neat to see her interest in doing everything with us.
Well, I've been fairly busy since we've gotten back from Manitoba. I weeded the foot high grass in my flower beds, mowed lawns, cleaned house, sorted tool shed and so on and it will soon be time to leave again for our trip to British Columbia. After the past 4 weeks we are sure ready for a little break!
We left Mocha and Frank in North Dakota as we knew we'd be back in 2 weeks and it takes them 2 weeks to settle down every time. Poor cats would have been stressed out for the entire 4 weeks, so we figured we'd just leave them there till we come back down July 1st.
It is almost time for Ben to come home for lunch, so I'd better get the pizza in the oven. Emily sure enjoyed it last night and while she didn't know about the crust (she is definitely a carnivore!), she sure loved the meat and cheese. Signing off
Heather, Emily, Tia, and Becky


Lynn said...

Thanks for all the great photos of Emily! She is a sweetheart, and you are a very good mom. I didn't let my boys do everything I was doing, the stress level rose too high when I did! You are much better than me. Jim and Jonathan enjoyed visiting on their trip to IA, and hope we can "run into" you some time this summer. I'll try to email soon, I just can't seem to get everything done these days! Love, Lynn

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about being busy, but thanks so much for leaving comments. :) Summer is so busy that I always looked forward to fall/early winter when things were winding down and we could just enjoy life a bit more (after the garden had been emptied, canning done etc). Ben, Emily and I are fighting tiring colds that just seem to be wiping us out - no energy and coughs that linger. Then when we came back we found our mouse traps full, mice manure everywhere and this morning the dog and cat both caught a mouse and left them on the floor for me, so I'm horribly grossed out by it all and having to clean all the cupboards as they are full of "evidence" of mice. Oh well, next time we'll have to leave a cat home and ask somebody to check him now and then. When the cats are away, the mice DEFINITELY do play.
I'll post more on the website later, rather than type a letter here LOL.