Tuesday, May 09, 2006

She likes to rub behind her ears when her hands are dirty and greasy and now she has greasy "wings"
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mountainfirekeeper said...

Hi Benjamin and family!

That a dazzling smile your little daughter has---cute 'wings'!

Benjamin, thanks for the wealth of information that you posted in the comment section of my blog. I was really impressed with all that you have experienced and all the information that you had to offer.

Your information was 'buried' in a comment to a post that I wrote several days ago so I didn't think that many other people would see it. Therefore, I reprinted your information tonight as a new post and give you credit as a 'Guest Post'.

You really were raising chickens in the 'Great White North'----what part of Canada was that? I live near the Canadian border in ND.

Again, thank-you for your insight and information!

May God bless you and your family!

Benjamin said...

Hi there Steve,
Actually that post was made by my wife, Heather- but thanks for the comment- Always nice to hear from friends back in good old ND! I think we may have briefly met you back at the gospel music festival in Botteneau, but we do know Paulette well, as she was immensly helpful with Emily when she was born. Heather farmed in Eastern Saskatchewan, about 2 hours east of Regina before we got married. Anyway, I should probably go, but wanted to let you know we appreciated your comment. Say hi to Paulette and the Bartletts for us!
Ben (and Heather and Emily)