Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy 23rd

Well, Happy 23rd Birthday to my spring chicken here. (I think that phrase might be a Nasbyism) Unfortunately for the past 6-7 years Ben's birthday has been in the middle of finals week and he always is taking an exam. So he was up early to study and made both of us a breakfast of poached eggs with sausage and cheese sauce (MMmmmm - don't know why he was so keen on making us breakfast on HIS birthday?!) and then while we ate, he studied infectious diseases with two classmates. He is taking his exam right now and then has to hit the books hard again when he comes back as his last exam (toxicology) is tomorrow. Then I am taking him out for Chinese food for a birthday celebration. I got him some special coffee butters and oils for making different lotions and salves for his birthday (he is one of those guys who loves Bath and Body Works :) but haven't gotten around to making them - supposed to be doing that right now. I made a SPearmint hand lotion that makes us want to eat it by the spoonful and am going to try a cocoa and coffee butter lip balm this afternoon. I had other ideas, but ISU loans department has cut funding back some more and that means we need to save up for traveling costs this summer. I have been saving up for a month to take him out for Chinese and then got a surprise monetary gift in the mail from friends that I can use for him also. I have a list a mile long of things I would like to get him someday, but for now I will continue working on something that will hopefully work out one of these weekends. (I'll tell you guys later, as I don't dare post it here - Ben reads these posts about 2 seconds after I post them LOL) After 4-5 inches of rain in 3 days the sun has finally decided to shine. It's actually nice to have dreary weather on finals week because then the studying people don't feel like they are missing out on lovely spring/summer weather. None of my cukes, squashes, tomatoes or peppers have been touched by the rabbits yet, and they are looking quite happy after all that cool weather and rain. I still have some brussel sprouts, peppers and flowers to plant but I'll get that done quickly with Emily's help this afternoon. I also need to mow the lawn and fix my irrigation system.
Well, I'm going to get at something.
Signing off
Heather, sleeping Emily, sleeping Frank, sleeping Mocha, sleeping Tia, sleeping Becky . . . .(notice a trend?)

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