Monday, April 24, 2006

long lapse

Wow, 11 days since I posted last. It doesn't seem like it was that long. I'm waiting for Benski's 2 inch thick steak to finish cooking so we can return some library stuff and then get the rest of my irrigation supplies. Then I can work in the dark again til it is working and I squint with a flashlight to see if water is coming out the holes . .
Oh, Benski just told me that if I wanted to make him very happy I would fry his eggs for him (steak and eggs). It seems there is a theory among the men in our family that women are the only people that can fry good eggs (although after eating some of their eggs I might agree ;) So I shall go make him happy - awfully easy to do!
Actually, Ben makes very delicious tex mex scrambled eggs.
The last few days I've been busy planting the front and side gardens and then a few pots for the porch. In order to be able to leave for a month and not come back to dead plants, I decided to make a low cost irrigation system. It utilizes my alfalfa sprouter timer to water every couple days and then just 1/2 inch pipe with 1/4 inch tubes to the plants. Sure works dandy - well did til the plumber used the hose to wash his plumbing snake and turned my irrigation upside down. But I'd rather have a working toilet than watered plants.
Speaking of toilets. . . for a few days now, I have been complaining about a horrible smell in the house. Like the smell you get from an open pipe under your sink etc. Sewer. Ben never seemed to smell it until yesterday when he was sitting on the swing listening to his wind chimes. He opened the trailer skirting and came in looking ill. There was a good 4 inches of septic overflow waste under the trailer and the pipe coming from the toilet was broken off at the elbow and under another 8 inches of muck. We stressed, looked at it again, backed off, faint from the fumes and went into the trailer to decide what to do. I don't know why I was surprised. Being a Nasby I should have known that at some point I would be diving into a sewer or well (I'll leave that for another day). We decided that we would hold off phoning somebody til the next day to avoid weekend calls, and then picked up a shop vac to suck up some of the liquid to see if we could repair it ourselves. I sucked all the fluid I could up, as I can stomach things like that more easily (Ben is the blood and guts man and I'm the . . .).
Oh, Ben and Emily say the steaks are ready. They both set the table and the food is getting cold, so I'll have to finish later

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