Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sprouting merrily

Oh, I forgot. After making a royal mess of the trailer again (me and my never ending cleaning and decluttering), I got things organized and the sprouter up and running. Initially it was glad throw away leftover containers inside a tupperware container, but the seeds kept getting washed from the middle to the edge and then floating into the holes for drainage along the edge. So I got out the glue gun and glued raised edges for rows to hopefully keep the seeds where they are supposed to be. I sure hope hot glue isn't toxic. . .
The machine cutely comes on 3 times a day for a minute and the mister sprays the 6 glad containers. Sounds easy, but it took me two weeks to find the parts and 3 nights with Ben's help to get all the hoses connected and leak free. Every time we would attach another hose it would leak in another part. We used an entire roll of teflon tape and three y valves (kept leaking). The one night I just dropped the whole mess in disgust and said I'd had enough of the project. And then Ben suggested it was the fuse and so we ran to Radio shack before it closed and bought more fuses and that motivated me to keep trying. It is now leak free (had to replace another leaky y valve this morning) and I'm rather pleased with it. The leaky y valve was actually spraying everywhere this morning and I had to call for Ben to come from his studying with a classmate in the living room to rescue me. I was holding a towel over the spray and couldn't quite get the cold water valve shut off so it would stop spraying. I sure hope it sprouts nicely - I can never sprout in the jars the way other people do. I forget to water, let them rot, leave them in the water etc. This seemed like an ingenious idea to raise sprouts rather effortlessly.
I really need to go now.

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