Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Short but . . . short

Well, as the title said this will just be short. Tia is pacing because after taking her for a walk once - ONCE - yesterday at 3:30, she has now decided it is a habit and is wanting to go again. How animals do it I will never know.
Franklet, Franklet, Franklet, Franklet. Last night Ben was in bed, and I was on my way. I stood in the door way of the bedroom and saw that Frank was sitting only a couple of feet away in the doorway of the bathroom. I called him and called him and finally closed the door and started to bed, muttering about him. "He never comes when I call, but as soon as the door is closed and I am just sitting on the bed he'll push it open just to drive me crazy."
Three seconds later I was sitting down and pop, the door was open. Ben laughed and said that Frank feels claustrophobic without the door open and that no matter where he was, he would push or pull it open. I realized that I had never timed it or paid too much attention, but knew it would happen. A minute later he was up on the bed patting my face with his soft little paws, trying to get me to lift the covers so he could curl up on my arm.
We usually leave the door pulled against the door frame but not completely shut, so that we can hear if Emily wakes up. Frank knows how to push it open from the hall, or pull it open if he gets locked in the bedroom. It drives me crazy because when the door is open, the kitchen nightlight slightly lights up the bedroom, and I think that's why Frank does it.
So, I finally got tired of the light and got up and closed the door again. I laid back down and a few seconds later, scratch, pull and pop, the door was open and Frank turned around and came back to bed. He also does it when I lay Emily down for her afternoon nap. I try to get him out before I put her down, but he is so comfortable on his little cushion, that he never wants to come. But a few seconds after I close the door behind me, I see little white paws reaching under the door to grab the opposite side of the door and pull it open. He may or may not come out, but it often has the result of waking Emily up as she is not a very sound napper. I became so annoyed at this that I got Ben's pocket knife and made a hole in the door frame for the door knob thingie to stick into so that when we close it, it stays closed like normal doors (sorry, but I can't think of the correct terminology). Now it stays closed, but the cat scratches and I'd rather have a little light than a cat scratching. *sigh*
He also has the most annoying habit of wanting to look out every blind that is closed. And if it is closed he pulls back the edge and bends it over and sticks his head through. We have gone through 2 sets of blinds on the front windows already and I see he has bent the new ones. I guess it is only $3, so that isn't horrible, but it drives me crazy. Veiner used to chew on the blinds, so we could control that with vile flavoured things brushed on, but I can't stop Frank from just bending and looking through. OH, it's annoying! I don't like to open the east blinds because it seems more private to keep them closed (opens right onto the road and looking into another trailer's living room), so I just open the south ones. But I guess the east ones have the interesting view for him, and he perches on the back of the couch and continues to bend the blinds.
Emily is still sound asleep and I laid her down at 1PM. I guess she must be a bit under the weather as she never sleeps for 3 hours at a time. She has got to be the happiest waker upper. When you hear her squawk you just go in and say hello and up pops her head and she smiles and then thumps her head back down and closes her eyes because she is not completely awake. My favorite thing in the day is to go get her and have her smile at me.
Signing off
Heather, Ben, Tia, and Frank the wonder cat

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