Thursday, February 23, 2006

our new kitty - who still doesn't have a name (BEN??)
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Lynn said...

Thanks for all the new photos, Ben and Heather! I had to take a peek before heading off to bed. Did you name the new kitty yet? I am discovering why I don't want cats in the house -- our youngest is in at night and he loves to push Legos off the boys' desks & then go chasing them! It's very annoying!

Benjamin said...

Hi Lynn,
Glad to hear you're enjoying the pictures, neither Heather nor I have had much time to post much of substance lately, but we like to keep people interested at least. Cats can definitely make life interesting :^). Thankfully our cats as they've aged have become at least a little less careless in thier play. Take care and say hi to everybody for us!
Counting down to Spring Break :^)...