Friday, January 27, 2006

tool sheds - my personal thorn in the flesh

Remember my wonderful ideas of putting the tool shed together last night? Well I had forgotten that our outside light has a dead bulb, so after standing in the dark peering at the instructions for 2 minutes, I decided not to bother putting anything together. I woke up feeling a bit shaky and weak (it was very humid all night and morning and I should have eaten breakfast), and it wasn't until about 3PM that I was feeling normal. So Ben and I headed out to start the base of the tool shed and after the frustration of working with horrible equipment and instructions, we got about 8 pieces done. Then a classmate stopped by and we chatted for about 45 minutes, so it was getting dark. I had to nurse Emily and put her down for a nap and by the time I got back out it was 5PM. Ben remembered a classmate had asked to borrow something so we had to try to locate the cell phone which ended up being in the van. While he phoned her I tried to figure out the sliding doorway which was all Greek and awful (if Ben had been doing it we might have been alright as he knows Greek). Finally when he got everything straightened out it was dark enough that I couldn't see much. He said if we had a spare bulb he could turn the outside light on to work in the dark, but I had to tell him we didn't have any spare bulbs(Don't ask why we didn't just go buy one). So he turned the motion detector light on and that's when it really all went down hill. Most motion detector lights stay on for 30 seconds to three minutes. Ours stays on for 3 seconds tops. I am being 100% honest, no exaggeration. Have you ever tried to barbeque while waving one arm to keep the outside light on so you can see the steaks? I have and it isn't the most relaxing way to cook food. Anyway, I was determined to get the last 4 screws in while Ben waved his arms to keep the motion detector light on. It still didn't work well, as he had to take a step closer to it every time it shut off - I don't know if it gets weaker every time or what. So we decided to do it tomorrow but just found out that rain and thunderstorms are predicted tomorrow and snow for Sunday. So, I guess I'd better run outside and pick up all the pieces and tools from the porch and bring them under cover. Ben and I enjoyed a midnight discussion of Luke 19 last night. Of course when I asked him something at almost 1AM, I realized he was asleep, and I was talking to myself, so maybe I enjoyed a conversation with myself for a while. :) Signing off Heather, Ben, Emily, Tia and Frank in balmy 50 Iowa


Shayne said...

Hi Ben,

Got your email back in December. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. *chuckle*. Hope all is well with you and the family. I just saw some pics of Emily further back on your blog, and noticed immediately that she takes after Mom more than Dad. This is, of course, a good thing. The only question is: when cometh the son who taketh after the father? :-)

Shayne B

Benjamin said...

SHAYNE... You're alive! lol, seriously, it's good to hear from you! All is certainly well, though I don't have much presence here any more (I think my lovely wife is doing a fine job of keeping the place alive) due to time constraints (I have about 28 credits this semester). It's kind of funny about Emily's taking after Heather more now, when she was first born there were many people who said just the opposite- guess you never can tell. As far as sons go, thats certainly in the Lord's hands- at least we haven't been appraised of any developments in that regards ;^). Anyway, thanks for the comment- you should send me an email sometime and tell me whats new :^).