Monday, January 30, 2006

Tool Sheds - blessing or curse?

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continuation of tool shed) ...
So, the next day we woke to gray skies, but no rain. We had lent our vehicle to a classmate who was also rennovating, so around 3 we picked up all the wood for the floor and by 4 had a floor ready to put the shed up. I had planned to quit at that point because rain was obviously eminent, but my DH decided we should put some of it up. By 6PM we had put the base and frame up twice, fixing mistakes, unscrewing walls, stretching frames and such. It had been raining for an hour and the floor was soaked, we were soaked and were working by the light of a neighbor's bedroom and a really bad motion detector light on the porch (see previous post for description of motion detector light). When Ben asked me, "Do you think it's safe to leave like this till tomorrow?" I realized he hadn't known we couldn't just put part of it up, but had to do all or nothing or else wind could damage what you put up. I had to say, "No it isn't." The forecast of 30mph winds wasn't helping either.
Emily was screaming pretty loudly instead of enjoying playing, so we decided to go inside, feed her, put her down for a nap, and rig up some sort of light inside. We had purchased a couple of happy lights to grow seeds with and I hung one up using my fabric measuring tape and the grill of our furnace with a chair underneath it to support one side. It was fairly close to our window shining onto the back area where we were working, and it was a lot easier than just a flashlight - though we still needed to use the flashlight to see the holes we were supposed to be matching. Emily woke up at quarter to nine and we went in the house, chilled, muddy and ready to quit, but still had 4 wall panels and the roof to put up. We hadn't eaten since noon and decided to go warm up with some Chinese food and a break before heading out to work. We both knew it would be even harder to go back outside to work, but we were too tired and hungry to do otherwise. We got back at 10 and Emily was wide awake. It was raining harder now and we knew Emily would get wet in her cat seat, so I put her in the backpack, attached the rain protector and carried her on my back for the next 2 hours while I held the screws, bolts, washers and nuts, instructions (in a bag so they wouldn't get soaked), level, drill and then practiced my squats with 25lbs on my back in order to reach all the screws and washers we kept dropping in the mud. Emily fell asleep for a while but woke up hungry and our fingers were getting too cold to grip the screws properly, so we went in for a break and realized it was almost 12:30AM. I changed Emily and put her to bed and then we headed back out to put the roof on. Darkness, stepladder, drill, washers and bolts, 1 AM and total darkness are not a good recipe in any man's book! By 2:30 the roof was mainly up (except for bolts on the edges) and we decided to call it a night after Ben almost cut himself on a piece of tin while trying to stop from falling off the ladder. Hours ago we'd stopped trying to keep the hardwood floor clean and just tracked mud all over while we went in and out for forgotten tools, extra parts and coffee, so there was dried mud all over, which Benski so sweetly swept up. We cleaned up and went to bed, where Ben proceeded to stay awake and watch a movie till 5AM because he'd had too much coffee. I fell asleep right away: the prospect of a happy child wide awake at 9 was enough to drive me to sleep as much as I could between 3:30 and 9. Thankfully she didn't wake till 10, when I put her in the jolly jumper and smiled at her from my bed on the couch. She quickly tired of the Jolly jumper, so I moved her to the floor to play and groaned at my bruises and tired muscles. At 11:30 she was ready for a nap and I was too. Ben still hadn't moved and didn't do much moving till almost 2PM. We need another weekend to let us recover from this last weekend!
On a good note, we have gotten the schedule back from the school, and Ben got all the time for preceptorships that he wanted. He may have to trade a few things with classmates so he can do large animal work when there will actually be large animals around, but otherwise he's pleased that he won't have to contact all his mentors to change his preceptorship dates.
Emily is tired of playing by herself, and Ben will be coming back soon to finish studying, so I'd better quit. I also have a porch stacked high with things I am moving into the shed (I didn't think I'd crammed that much stuff into our spare room!) and I found all the parts for my home made alfalfa sprouter, so I have lots to do.
Signing off
Heather, Ben, and Emily


Lynn said...

Heather, I'm so glad to see you are blogging! It's fun to read your posts, and get an idea of what you are doing these days. Emily is growing so fast -- and we haven't even seen her in person! Maybe this summer. Say hi to Ben, and give Emily a hug! Lynn Bartlett

Lynn said...

Hello again,
Why is it that a lot of times when I try to access your blog directly by using (instead of using a link) I get a web site that has something to do with Bible studies???

Benjamin said...

Hello Lynn,
I'm not sure why the address makes a difference, I always used to use just http://benjaminstegman... but I tried typing in the same thing with the "www" attached and it still brought me to the same site. Sorry to say I have no idea.