Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Here I am posting again. Is it a sign of my interest in writing or too much time on my hands?
Is it safe to post this often or will people, not used to reading more than one post every month, not even get to read the posts before they hit the bottom of the page and disappear into wherever posts at the bottom of the page disappear into?
If I sat on a 4 foot by 4 foot laptop would I get as warm as the cat does sitting on Ben’s laptop? Would it save any money on heating the trailer?
If I can save $15 a month line drying clothes would I save $30 if I didn't wash them?
Reading a friend's online journal about conserving water by having fewer showers and less laundry reminded me of how much money we save by having a dryer try to burn down our trailer and then be evicted from the premises. It went out the door to sit on the lawn for a month while I contemplated fixing it, testing it or chucking it, before I decided an apartment sized dryer was too much of a hassle to fiddle with. Now that I've had two months of electric bills show a $15-20 decrease in our bill (I always had to split one wash load into two dryer loads to fit into my miniature dryer), I've decided that not having a dryer forces me to utilize my frugal side instead of my "should use the line but don't feel like hanging clothes up" side. Plus it makes me feel farmish even in a 60x12 trailer in the middle of a university town. Initially I proudly hung a rope hither and yon across the curtain rods in the living room and cut the living room off from the kitchen with 8 layers of clothes. Then Ben said it was too oppressive in here like that and suggested either a dryer or a Laundromat. My pioneer instincts recoiled in horror at the thought of resorting to that after only half a day without a dryer: is it right to not have to go through a few days of misery and doing without? I mean, would it be any fun or create any memories if you actually called the plumber to fix a sink the day it broke instead of hauling water too and fro for 3 months waiting for it to fix itself?
So, for the sake of memories and money, I ran my rope back and forth 7 times in my 10x10 spare room. In order to practice my sewing skills, just a few days before the dryer died, I had reorganized that room to in squeeze a small desk and my sewing machine amongst the washer, dryer, playpen, four 30 gallon Tupperware tubs, and 4x2 floor to roof shelves. Since turning the "spare room" into a Chinese laundry, I haven't been able to find the desk or the sewing machine. And after 2 months, I have drying clothes down to a fine art - no more than one load of laundry every 2 days, because it takes 2 days for the diapers and jeans to dry in a 56F house. Okay, that is a slight exaggeration, I turn it between 64 and 68 on the cold days depending on how frugal I'm feeling and how much sun is shining. I guess if I only washed a load of laundry once a week before I was married, having to wash 3x a week with 3 people (including a baby in cloth diapers) is not too horrible. While I got away with eliminating the weekly bleaching of underwear, socks and undershirts my darling husband did before we were married, I don’t think he would allow me to cut out the washing altogether.
DH and I have been having some interesting conversations regarding NAIS, R-Calf, the Federal Reserve and buying gold. If it wasn’t almost midnight I’d go into that instead of boring you with several paragraphs on laundry – which are some of the best ways of letting me know just how late it is.
Signing off
Heather for Ben, Emily, Tia and Franklet the disgruntled cat (disgruntled because Ben shut the warm laptop off and he has to settle down to a night of cuddling with the Great Dane)

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