Thursday, January 26, 2006

mud and walks

I love spring. Today it was 60F and like an April day in Saskatchewan. What I don't like is mud. I spend all day long sweeping after the dog and humans who track mud just stepping into the house. THe floor is all scuffed and the mat in front of the door is no longer gray. And why do dogs find the ickiest puddle to stand elbow deep in to drink just before you call them to go into the van? That kind of mud only washes and scrubs off or else they shed mud and dirt for the next 2 weeks if you leave it. Of course, we have a crate for Tia so she doesn't get mud all over or drive us crazy the way she does if she is loose in the van. For some odd reason she hyperventilates and pants constantly when she is loose. Then she tries to force her way in between the front seats while we yell at her to back up, squishes her head through the crack between my seat and the door and then gasps and wheezes when she gets stuck and can't get her head out, or smashes her face against one of the windows gasping for air that isn't coming in through the closed window. Definitely not a very good passenger. Then there's shaking and shadowing for two days before we go on a trip (in case we are thinking of leaving her behind) and the queasy stomach which has often resulted in explosive diarrhea in the van (crates become a real blessing!). Two times now we've had forced stops at gas stations to find pepto bismol FOR THE DOG and hose down the crate so we can continue without dying from the fumes. And why do we have a dog? Because the rest of the time she is eating us out of house and home, making those annoying licking noises as she licks every microscopic piece of fluff and dirt out of her paws for two hours, shedding all over everything and all those other little endearing things dogs do for us to justify having them ;) Actually she is a very sweet dog who is loyal, friendly to most everybody, leans on us and rests her chin on our chest while wagging her tail, tries to sit in our lap, woowoowoowoowoorourourourou in her Great Dane way to say hello and that she's happy to see us and so on. The woowoowoowoowoorourourourou is worth it alone.
All of us went for a nice little walk out in the country today. Ben and I do some of our greatest talking on walks, and whenever we are in the mood for a good discussion we go for a walk. Today we were talking about future plans, where we would like to live, houses, clinics, cows, building roads, rivers and everything in between that could be discussed in the half hour walk we had time for before Ben had to head back to class. I was motivated and energized thinking, "We can do this, only another 15 months", and Ben became a tad depressed with how much longer we have here. :<) Which always results in a pep talk from me and after I get him out of his blues and depression with excellent arguments and suggestions, I realize he's made a lot of good points and I end up depressed. :) Today was not one of those days - it was too lovely and springish. I think the dreary grey skies here often get is a tad low, as we always feel better when the sun comes up. That reminds me of happy lights. Do any of you have Happy Lights? We'll see just how many people read this and ask what a happy light is.
Just a second, I need a slipper to throw at Franklet. He and Veiner (the cat who is no longer with us) developed the most annoying habit of chewing on the edges of the living room blinds so they could make a hole to poke their heads through to look out the window. Do you think I can convince him to stop? No, not at all. We replaced the blinds (no, not with lead ones . . ) and now I try to remember to leave one open so he doesn't get tempted to chew on them. Even then he bends them as he pushes his head through.
Agh, ach, agh, ach, agh. . Emily is in her noisy evening stage. Often it means she is starving and wants to play with some food. So I offer her bread to pull into a million bits and scatter all over the floor. Oh for a vacuum dog who finds and scarfs down crumbs. Instead I'll sweep again, because I took 2 steps in my shoes before sitting down and now there is a little dried mud on the floor again. *sigh*
I opened the kit we got for making a small metal shed and am overwhelmed by the two volume instruction book. And the fact that it starts with "Do not attempt this unless you have 7-8 hours to finish the shed." Seven to eight hours! That means it will be at least 16 hours trying to decipher everything, locate missing tools, run to Lowes 10 times for things we need and try to find pieces they didn't put in. I was a good girl and counted all the pieces before starting and found out we don't have any of the 4 "acorn nuts" that are supposed to be in there. I'm wondering if the manufactuerer thought it was some hilarious joke on all we cheap shed builders to claim there is such a thing as an "acorn nut" other than the edible kind . . . I mean really, an "acorn" nut??? It took us forever to drag the 200lb thing out of the van and now I can't put it together because the 4 acorn nuts are missing?? I looked through the instructions and can't find out what they were for, so I think I'll just hope that was a misprint. I'm going to be really industrious and put together the parts that don't require two people so that tomorrow afternoon it will be ready to just bolt together when Ben gets home. Emily might like the change in scenery from looking at my back while dancing in the jolly jumper to looking at my back while outside in her car seat.
We had a lovely supper of caesar salad with burned BBQ chicken wings. Next time I will check the grill a little sooner ... Signing off
Heatherlet, Benski, Emskers, Tiamaria and Franklet

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll bite - what's a "happy light"? ;-)

Totally enjoying your posts, Heather! I still think you should get an LJ'd get a lot more feedback there (I know a bunch of ladies who'd be delighted to "meet" you!), and that's half the fun of online journalling. :-D