Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Boiled egg and tea

Tonight I'm wondering if it is the British side coming out in me to have a bedtime snack of a boiled egg and a cup of tea - though my tea has whipped cream in it instead of weak skim milk. Of course for all I know, we may not have British blood in us, but my Mum (pronounced Mum the British way!) was raised in a British boarding school in India, so odd things come out - though I've never seen her eat an egg with tea. Tasted pretty good til a minute ago and now the tea doesn't like the egg, and as I like the tea more, I'll side with it and eliminate the egg.
Speaking of tea with whipped cream, my Dad gave my Mum a neat gadget that has a whipper at the bottom of the cup to whip your cream before you add coffee. It ends up with the delicious consistency of a latte, with the cream coating your tongue as you sip it and it is mmmm mm good. I am not usually a fan of coffee drinking, but could become a coffaholic easily with this kind of coffee and a good dollop of sugar (there's nutrition!). Well, my cup stopped whipping, so I've taken to resting my little blender on the counter, so it is easily available for me to whip my cream before I add it to my drink. Because I try not to drink much coffee, especially at 10 at night (I'd be awake till morning!), I decided to add it to tea. Not half as good, but still nice and warm.
Why is it so embarassing to return things several times when the sales people don't really care who returns what or how often? I purchased some back up dvd's from Sam's club two days ago. When I got them back to the trailer, I yahooed my Dad and asked if I got the right kind. Yes I had, but while there I had noticed some even cheaper ones (by half!), and so he said the other brand would work just as well and to return them. So I went back to Sams club, nervous as can be because I do not like returning things. I feel like a criminal, as though they are going to grill me for making a bad decision and not choosing the right product first. I am afraid I'll give them the wrong answer and be thrown into the DPRP jail (dumb person returning product). I gave her the spiel of getting the wrong product, and she waited patiently while I found the other product and then decided to not just get one but three of them. I traded, paid the extra and left feeling great knowing I had gotten a really good deal. That only lasted till I got into the van and started to have a sick feeling as I read the side of the package. Some letters were missing in the title of the product. Letters that were vital to being able to work with my dvd machine. I thought back to my conversation with Dad and decided to double check with him when I got home... I am shaken: I have to return not one item but three AND re-purchase the exact same item I had purchased originally. So the next day as we drove back to Sam's club, I hoped for not only a different sales clerk, but a different doorman, so neither would recognize me. Ben, Emily and I walked back into the store with everybody staring at me - they knew what I had done! Actually they were staring at cutesy Emily the way everybody does, and the fellow returned our money without any hesitation, making me wonder why I let returns bother me so much.
Why do I always feel like having a hot bath when the power is out due to an electric storm? Every time the power goes out, I want to light a candle and have a bubble bath, or even just a hot shower, but I can't! Or at least my Mum said I can't. I believe it had to do with me getting electrocuted if the house got hit by lightning. I did go wild and risk it once, but it was the fastest, most nerve wracking shower I have ever had in my lifetime. I couldn't get my Mum's warnings out of my head, and it wasn't worth the year it took off my life.
I am noticing a horrible trend. My Hunski's posts were deep, thought provoking and full of wisdom and my posts are ... shall I be nice to myself and say that mine are slightly the opposite? I think my problem lies in the fact that at night I do not like to start thinking about all the things Benski and I usually like to discuss during the day, because then I can't wind down and go to sleep. I think I'd better write some posts in the middle of the day, so that I have something worth while for the readers to read. Signing off
Heather, Ben, Emily, Tia and Franklet.
Oh, Hunski is "hun" (short for honey) plus "ski". There. That should clear up the confusion as to who my hunski is.
I believe it was the Norwegian in my Dad that started the tradition of adding ski to everything. So Aaron is Aaronski, Stephen is Stevinski, Anna is Annaski, and now Ben is Benski. Ben tends to add "let" to things so I often am Heatherlet. And Emily is Emskers.

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