Friday, August 19, 2005

Well... the boys are on the road and headed back to ND. We're already ready to go with them- lol. Iowa is certainly very different from ND, thats for sure! But we have a beautiful new bathroom thanks to my great brothers and friends- and between the new baby and school I'm sure we'll find plenty to keep busy with. Emily is growing more by the day and despite what we heard about newborns losing weight to start off, on the day after her first week birthday she weighed in at 9.88 lbs! And heather was concerned about her losing weight! Praise the Lord. It's hotter than ever here in Iowa- when we were at the Fair yesterday the temp peaked at about 95 degrees. Way too hot for us Northerners, thats for sure. I'm getting in the mode for classes finally- going to get my books today at noon. Hope my checkbook can sustain the crunch :^). Ah well... now I'm rambling.
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