Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ah... another week almost done. It's been very busy here for me these past days- classes have me going from 8 till 5 most days and on wednesday I go from 6 in the morning till 5 at night... quite a bit differant from last year thats for sure. I'm very much enjoying the classes though- very applied material for a change. The trade off is that there is a LOT of material to gain a firm grasp of and making sure everything sticks is a job that requires constant attention. We're in the thick of Clinical Medicine now, with Dermatology taking front and center- Dr. Hopkins is keeping us hopping in Disturbances of Reproduction, with Clincial Pharmacology and Therapeutics providing much entertainment in the brain gymnastics department. Surgery is amazing, albeit overwhelming at times, and Clinical pathology, Radiology, Beef Records Analysis, Small Animal Infectious Disease, and Seminar seeing to it that all free time is well spent :). Throw in a brand new baby and a beautiful wife and you have a recipie for a grand time :)... Seriously, life is good, although busy and I do count myself the most blessed man on the face of the earth. God is so good. I figured you all would like some more pictures, so enjoy... Heather and I will be gone for a few days visiting family in SK, so have a great weekend! ~Ben
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