Sunday, June 06, 2004

Aggravated Consistency
Well, I am most definitely still alive- and working. I'm staying very busy at the clinic these days, not much time to do much else. I'm not necessarily reversing the flow of funds from my account, but at least I'm stemming the flow somewhat.
I was thinking today about how the little continuity factors in life keep us going sometimes- say for instance a job or friends. It seems that in my life I'm prone to developing a sort of mental and spiritual forced march... where I temporarily lose sight of the fact that there is truly a bigger purpose and reason for what I do than just the ordinary goals most people associate with life. I need to be reminded often that God must be my continuity- without a vision the people perish. Only in this realization are my days filled with the purposeful strides of progress towards the fulfillment of God's will for my life.

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