Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Now this is interesting...
Vaccine, Preservative Do Not Cause Autism
This has been a subject of discussion for a looong time in some of my family's circles of friends... always fun to find more material. Why is it that anecdotal evidence is so powerful to so many people? If science is merely inductive reasoning from data, why are so many people content to make decisions based on tiny data sets with often faulty lines of thinking... maybe I'm just dense.
Does this surprise anyone?
Gays Vow to Press Marriage Fight Nationwide
This just further proves that this is not just about "equal rights", this is about culture change... whats next-protection for multiple member "couples"? Why not pederodasty... bestiality?! I'm sorry (actually I'm not... but you know...), but God has standards for a reason... morality cannot be relative. Discrimination is not a dirty word- it's a necessary part of living in reality.
Tolerance... oh for the days when we truly knew what it meant.
An update... at last an update...
Yes I am most definitely still alive- rather black and blue at the moment, but still alive. Lol... today was my second day back at work, spent all of it out in the countryside with our senior vet working herds and vaccinating horses. I really do enjoy my job, though I'm positive I don't want to be a vet assistant for the rest of my life- lol. I'm looking forward to the day when I'm the one the assistants ask for instructions... in time :^). It's finally starting to warm up here in the Red River Valley- when I came home last week I honestly felt like I'd taken a step back about a month in time. When I left Iowa it was sunny and 75, the corn was about three inches tall in most places. Here it was sleeting, muddy, and 35 degrees. Sigh. Oh well, the snow melted, the land dried, and now most of the fields have little shoots of green coming up- not much corn though, lol... we leave that to our neighbors to the south :^). I've enjoyed the last few mornings on my walk, watching the new crops beginning to emerge beneath the vast blue of the North Dakota sky... and they say it's big in Montana-lol. I had a lovely time in South Dakota helping with a branding, that was quite an experience... have never witnessed that way of working calves... have to say I still prefer the headgate and chute to this whole rope them by the hind legs and drag them into a pen where people sit on them thing we did in the black hills. Oh well, the tradition was interesting... I'll try to write more on that later. Finals week was at least as fun as we thought it was going to be... of course you realize I'm being sarcastic... right? I have to say that this was the most difficult finals week I've ever had- 6 exams in 4 days. But, praise the Lord- I passed everything with more or less leeway, depending on the class... which is a good feeling. I must admit that my brain felt like a quivering bowl of jello after that experience... felt wonderful to have a break.
I'll also have to post later about my brush with sky diving... yes you read that right.
that's about it... will post more later... with pictures if I'm not too tired the next few evenings.
Grace and peace,