Thursday, April 01, 2004

Studying... not so much...
My intentions truly were good to begin with.
Even though it had been a super long day with a difficult immunology exam and monotonous instructors droning on while the day was gorgeous outside and pathology lab lasted very long and the instructor tried to tear me apart in front of the class because I said fatty change instead of fatty accumulation (though I'm pretty sure it was fatty change and not fatty accumulation... semantics- sigh) and I realized that I was supposed to make a main dish for the Christian Vet Fellowship potluck at 5:30 when I realized the potluck was at 6:30 so I hurried and made Italian meatballs with oregano and basil cream sauce and was nominated to be president of the CVF at Iowa State CVM (which I have accepted... now to see who votes for me ;^) ), and even though I had to make about a zillion copies of my review materials for anatomy for friends (actually it ended up being about 360 pages)..... (pause while Ben gasps for breath)...... I still met up with my buddy Zac to study anatomy tonight. Yes. I am such a good vet student (the appropriate response from the audience at this point is to begin laughing hysterically).
(you may stop laughing now). It all would have gone very well had Zac not brought up the subject of sustainable agriculture, which got us talking about family farmers, which led to discussion of some of my business ideas and dreams, culminating in a very good conversation regarding the philosophical chasm separating agriculture based on a philosophy of western industrialism and one based on a philosophy of Christian agrarianism (which I think is more biblical and definitely preferable). It was fun, and come to think of it I do think we both needed the mental respite.
You may have noticed that Apricotpie is still down... I have no idea what has become of it.
Well... I think it's time to turn off my Bach CD (Bouree of the Orchestral suite No. 1 in C major) even though I love it, and put "ye old desk weight" to sleep... yes it is definitely time for sleep.
Grace and peace my friends,

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