Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Hail Caesar, we who are about to die salute you Finals are coming... Like a bomb shell whistling through the air towards the entrenched soldiers, like the mournful shriek and terrifying rumble of the oncoming train to the ears of the distressed damsel tied to the tracks ... Impending, though not yet present... Approaching, but not yet upon us. Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!

Ok... Drama is now over. I'm truly not horribly worried about finals, I've kept up pretty good on my studies (good grief, if I were paid to study I'd not be concerned about my mounting debt load). I will admit that this will be a very intense week and a half before my finals week- the schedule is a bit daunting: Histophysiology on Monday (my birthday :^) ), Immunology and Pathology on Tuesday, Gross Comparative Morphology is on Wednesday, and Neurobiology and Case Studies II is on Thursday. Most everything is comprehensive. It should be fun. ... Yes that was a sarcastic statement. I was trying to come up with something interesting to write about, but it seems like I've been rather devoid of inspiration these last few weeks... Perhaps it's because I've been using all my neurons for other things. The sleep deprivation can't help any either. I did get home this weekend, for several reasons. First, I needed to exchange my van for my truck since the van needed new wheel bearings and I needed the truck to haul a headgate back (that I bought from a classmate and friend of mine). I also needed to ultrasound our cow, Mrs. T- who...... is to be a mother again. Lol... Providing everything works right- I found an amniotic vesicle in the right uterine horn about 5 to 7 mm in diameter- which is indicative of a 25 to 30 day pregnancy- and the day I checked her was day 29 post AI (I did that the last day of spring break). At any rate... as long as she doesn't resorb the embryo, we should be in good shape. I'll check her again in May when I head home for the summer.

A diller, a dollar, a ten o'clock scholar...
Yesterday was interesting... We had a thunderstorm here, and I suffered from hypersomnia due to acute chronometrical dysphonia associated with undulatory electrical stimuli. (I slept in too late because my alarm clock didn't go off because of the power outage ;^) ). Thus, I didn't go to my first class.... Pause for everyone to gasp in horror... Thank you. Turns out to be a good thing I didn't walk in late... Dr. H (teaching bovine and equine reproductive physiology and theriogenology right now) finally got fed up with people walking in late to class and had quite a fit with anyone late that morning. Now normally I am never late for class, I think my house could be on fire and I'd still run to get to class on time... Enter this morning. Call it sleep deprivation, call it laziness, call it "Ben should move the alarm clock farther away from the bed so he can't subconsciously hit the snooze button too many times"... I was almost late for class. I know Dr. H pretty well, and he most certainly knows me... Who should I run into as I'm making my head long dash for the class room? You guessed it... Dr. H. Well, I've now got less than a minute to traverse the length of the mausoleum (affectionately named thus I assure you ;^) )... And Dr. H wants to visit. Yes... The same man who was VERY upset at people being late yesterday... Now I'm going to be late if he doesn't let me GET TO CLASS. Oh the irony...

Maybe I should get another alarm clock.
Off to path lab.


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