Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The computer is... not healthy...
Yes, a pop, and a little whirrr... and ye old desk weight is just that... I think my motherboard died. I go to visit the computer doctor this evening. Thank God for good friends that fix computers :^)
For those of you who were wondering, I'm not ignoring my comments... well actually I am just a little ;^). I realized that to a very real extent I was responding out of my extreme sleep deprivation and stress, and this is never good. Thus I have taken a break from the current discussion for a time. Perhaps I'll bring it up again when I have time, perhaps not. NBP, you are right, I shouldn't have reacted thus and for this I apologize. David, I appreciate your concern, and do certainly agree that friends can have lively discussions- though I would suggest that "lively" need not include the accusatory spirit I kept on detecting (again, I blame this on my own state of mind rather than any immaturity on your part). Obviously I don't think I violated the 2nd commandment (though the real issue here is a discussion of theonomy, not the ten commandments or "the passion"- a subject I have neither the energy nor time to debate right now). To qualm any fears, I am not now, nor have I ever begin "worshipping the actor", and to the contrary of some of the posts, my faith is as strong as it ever was- ludicrous as it may seem to you, watching a film is not going to make me fall away or lose my faith or any other horrible disastrous end. lol. Again, I appreciate your concern. And yes, I did know that the film was based on catholic visions- I didn't go see the film for the purposes of getting a better understanding, I went so that I could talk semi intelligently about it when asked. And yes, I think the Catholic influence was very evident- though generally speaking I found the events to be accurately depicted. Subject closed :^D. No I'm not sorry I brought it up.
God continues to be so gracious, here it is at the end of my first year of vet school. It's been intense yes, but I feel like I have grown more in grace and my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ than I ever have, and for His faithfulness I am grateful- even though the changes were difficult to adapt to at times. Finals are still looming, though I feel better prepared today than I did at the beginning of last week, there is still however much work to do- perseverance. Yes.
Time to get ready for pathology lab.
Grace and peace my friends,

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