Sunday, March 21, 2004

The van can finally rest...
Yes, I'm back... rather tired, so I'll not post much tonight- don't worry though; I will give a full report in the near future with pictures :^). I had a lovely spring break, thanks to the Lord's guiding hand the trip was uneventful so far as accidents and mishaps are concerned. I learned a lot, met many interesting people as well as enjoying visits with family and friends, I sampled cheese at a neat little family run cheese farm in Southern Tennessee, saw parts of North and South Carolina (places of jail sentences for speeders and continuous road work), toured the Kentucky Horse park in Lexington, as well as many other adventures, of which I will tell you more the next time I write. One interesting note... that isn't necessarily meant for all you readers... Remi, I finally figured out who you are, we could just say a little bird told me I suppose- lol.
I enjoyed getting to see the rest of your family again this past weekend... while at home with them, I was enlightened as to the identity of this mysterious person who both signed my guestbook and visited my blog. I am happy you chose to grace my webspace with your presence, and would love to hear from you via email or instant messenger should you ever find time to drop a line or two (smile). I hope all is well "across the pond" (wink).
I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather, I know I am... 60 degrees is in the forecast for the near future here... Albeit accompanied by thunder storms, I'll not complain though- thats the way the grass gets green. I enjoyed listening to MPR's pipe dreams program this evening for the latter half of my trip back from North Dakota, it was the celebration program for J.S. Bach's birthday, which is tomorrow. A number of his "greatest hits" were featured, including my favorite toccata and Fugue in D minor, as well as the less famous, but arguably equally fantastic Fugue in C minor. There were many more... I loved it. Pipe organ music has always fascinated me, and to have it coupled with my favorite composer was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.
Enough for tonight... sleep calleth rather efficaciously. (grin).
Grace and peace,

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