Sunday, March 07, 2004

This is the way we pass the test, pass the test, pass the test...
Another long day studying past... it seems like I've done nothing but study for the last week- I had an anatomy exam on Thursday, then it was time to study for case study quiz on Friday and start preparing in earnest for neurology and histophysiology; on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. What a life. Neuro and histophys were the subjects today, I studied for the morning with some friends, we took a break for a couple of hours and then studied for another stint until we decided to go to the movie, Hidalgo. Visit the site if you'd like information about it- I enjoyed it, was fun to get out of the books for a couple of hours. I was talking with one of my friends on the way home, he was talking about how he liked the film, but thought the guy should have "gotten the girl" at the end... I have to say I'd agree- we both decided we're quite hopeless romantics. I'll admit it... I love a good warm fuzzy now and then- lol. I refuse to watch "serious" movies; drama, horror, science fiction, etc... I seldom watch movies, but when I do, I want to either be left laughing or siiiiiiiighing (in a sappy, this is so beautiful, I'm so happy they're going to live happily ever after kind of way). Now, that said, I don't mind movies with action in them, but a good love story underneath the surface never hurts ;^). I have noticed that I think differently than a lot of men... I like cats, I don't particularly enjoy extreme sports, cars and "toys" are not my passion, I enjoy cooking, and I don't mind having beautiful things around... maybe this is just my opinion, but I think that the stereotype of males being rough tough boors with no interest in the finer things of life is a terrible tragedy. That said, before I shock any of you too terribly, I do believe 100% in true Biblical masculinity and gender roles (due to God given differences, not a relative importance of the given gender) , but I don't think that precludes men from being able to appreciate things besides war games, football, big trucks, and power tools (not saying that any of those things are wrong in their own right of course ;^) ). Cultured, thoughtful, American men... what a concept- lol. Enough for tonight. May you all be blessed with much grace and peace in our Lord,

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