Saturday, March 27, 2004

It's raining it's pouring... But this old man is far from snoring... it's storming today, raining to beat the band. We're even under flood watch. I attended a mini-seminar on swine production system ventilation, it was interesting- I do think I learned a lot. The fellow who did the presentation was definitely knowledgeable about the subject, he's with the Ag Engineering department I guess. Unfortunately they served pizza for lunch... I had a couple pieces... now I feel terrible... I think when I'm used to eating well consuming stuff like that affects me more than usual- super processed and refined food just doesn't agree with me very well :^).
I got all my pictures from my trip uploaded to my computer and edited (some were rather dark), now I've just got to put some of them together into a webpage and I'll post it on the main website... patience... it will come soon :^).
I was excited today... I've embarked on my classical guitar journey... as many of you know I already play the guitar, but not very much in the classical and fingerstyle field, hopefully this will now change, I've purchased several books and plan to work on it in my spare (har har har) time.

I guess thats about all for now... time to study immunology.

Grace and peace,

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