Thursday, March 25, 2004

Good food, warm nights, long days, exams... the saga continues.
I seem to be getting into a groove... these long days are beginning to wear on me. I guess they just feel the need to sock it to us for these last weeks of the semester.
I stayed very busy at school today, I had a break from classes for about 3 hours this morning and spent the time with my buddy Zac working up equine lameness cases with the senior students and clinicians- lots of fun! I need to see many more cases before I feel competent at diagnosing lameness, it's amazing how such a little tiny variance in a horse's gait can indicate so many greater problems. I guess thats what I'm here to learn about. Today, being Thursday, was professional dress day, so Zac and I were of course in compliance... as fate would have it, this was also the day that we were asked to help load a horse with an essentially nonfunctional left front limb. This horse did not want to move, so essentially one person pulled on the front while... you guessed it... Zac and I linked hands behind the horse and brought up the rear (quite literally). About 15 minutes later, we were both nearly covered in horse hair and sweat, and smelled quite like it. Ah what a life. I spent most of the afternoon, after pathology and morphology, in dissection in anatomy lab- I really am starting to feel ready to be done with this class; in many ways I still enjoy it, but on the other hand I feel ready to progress to different things. I guess there's only about 5 weeks left anyway (yaaaaay!). It's kind of strange... like many of my colleagues I talk with, vet school and I have almost a love-hate relationship- there are parts that I very intensely dislike, at the same time I can think of no place where I'd rather be than right here right now. Obviously I don't want to spend my life here, but for the time being I know that I'm exactly where the Lord wants me. Thats a good feeling.
I spent a while this evening looking into consolidating my college loans, it seems that I'll be able to lock in an interest rate of about 2.81% (as opposed to the 5 or 6% it's currently at) if I do this before the end of this school year. It sounded like a good idea, at least it will save me significant amounts of money. I have to say that were it not for the fact that I'll be able to command a very decent wage directly out of school, I'd never even think of going this far into debt. I was thinking of this very thing recently, is there such a thing as "good debt" vs. "bad debt"? I tend to think there is. It almost seems like a person's debt (like his expenditures) reflects on his character... for instance, to me, taking out a loan for college is enormously different than taking out a loan for a brand new boat, motorcycle, or snowmobile. I guess it would technically be possible to buy the latter things with a loan and still have the right attitude, but I doubt it. If I'm discontent, and greedy for material wealth, very likely my debt load will reflect that. On the other hand, I think its entirely possible to be a good steward with loans and actually use them as powerful tools towards the accomplishment of goals important to the accomplishment of the Lord's will. I think the key is the attitude. Of course all debt is slavery, but not necessarily bond slavery... only when it gets out of hand is there a problem (again, usually linked to greed). I seem to be rambling about this, but I guess there is a point to it all- it's definitely good to stay out of debt, but when/if we have to enter therein, we need to be good stewards (which of course we should be regardless of our financial status).
Well, I'm kind of excited about something new thats come up- I am officially going to take riding lessons. (I can hear everyone gasping in the background). Yes, I worked out a deal with my aforementioned friend, Zac, that I will teach him everything I know about the guitar in exchange for him teaching me to ride/handle horses. I do really enjoy the animals, and working on them is a great pleasure for me, but I've never really had any formal training as to actually handling or riding. I'm looking very much forward to the opportunity... I think we're going to head up to Zac's farm next weekend (they've invited me up even before our "deal" was forged- lol).
I happened upon an interesting article on a discussion forum I frequently visit... I thought you all might enjoy it (or at least comment about it ;^) ).
click here.
Basically this article is arguing for earlier marriages... interesting concept. I don't see any problem with getting married in the early 20's, I don't know that I'd be strongly in favor of getting hitched before that... though I suppose it would depend largely on the people involved, as the author concurs. What do you think?
Enough for tonight.
Grace and peace,

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