Tuesday, March 09, 2004

And we're done. Yes, I have successfully found the end of my journey through this pseudo-finals week (pseudo because it's not actually finals week, but boy it sure has felt like it!).
I had another lesson in patience today... I would have a packed van with fresh oil in the engine right now... but alas and alack, it is sitting in a body shop waiting for the morning when the technician will complete the repair on my door. Which brings up the other lesson... when it is reeeealy windy outside, it's a good idea to hang onto your van's door when opening it into the wind. Yes. $320 some dollars later, the bent hinges, popped spot welds, and twisted latch will be theoretically fixed... at least thats what the estimate says. In the mean time I'm driving a "loaner car"... a rather non-descript generic car... greenish... I think it looks like a catfish kind of car. I guess it is nice of them to provide me with transportation whilst my van is indisposed.
You may have noticed... there's a comment!!! See now, Remi didn't find it that painful... I'd love to hear what the rest of you think- lol.
In other news, this will be my last post for a little while... a few days at least, I'm embarking tomorrow evening on a little road trip with my friend and colleage, Zac. We're going first to Knoxville, to participate in the conference and symposium of the student chapeter of the american veterinary medical association. Then we're going to journey further south, me to Alabama, he to North Carolina... then we'll meet back up, and drive home together, after which I will be heading home to ND for the rest of spring break. I know it sounds tiring... but I think it will be fun- hey, I have to do a few crazy stunts while in college ;^).
At any rate... I believe it is time for bed- I didn't get to bed until 3:30 this morning last night (lol), and I'm feeeeeeling the effects.
May you be ever blessed with our Lord's endless love.

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