Saturday, February 07, 2004

Saturdays. Warm beds, heavy feather comforters, no alarm clocks, late risings, soft fluffy slippers, hot tea brewing, fresh sausage and eggs sizzling, quiet breakfasting, pleasant scripture readings, lazy afternoons with nothing but nothing to do, crisp crunching and deep breathing of long afternoon walks in the newfallen snow, quiet evenings reading... Saturday.

I had a lovely day... as per my ramblings, I and Charlie the Basset Hound slept late. I did some light school work in the morning and since my wander lust was rising I bundled Charlie and I into the caravan and departed countryward. We drove for about a half hour- just enjoying the absence of city; the feel of the gravel under my wheels, the open expanse of field in every direction, the glorious shimmering of the sun on the fresh snow, the fluttering of gold and brown as a flock of pheasants were surprised and rousted by our passage, the friendly unhurried wave of a farmer checking his mail as we pass. I remembered my camera in it's snug compartment of my thick air force coat, and decided to stop a few places on our route and capture some of the peaceful solitude of the day. You may enjoy some of the fruits of this venture below. I made roasted Greek chicken with angry baby portabellas with hot buttered garlic asparagus on the side for my dinner... seems rather pitiful to be cooking for myself... I usually don't go to such lengths... it just isn't as fun when there is no one to share it with. I'm in a bit of a contemplative mood tonight- sitting here typing as a candle flickers with a warm sort of glow beside my stack of papers and mail needing attention at some point or another. God is so good to me, so ready to bless, so constant in love, so generous in grace... it seems to me to be almost too good to be true- that a God of such power should care for such as I.

Even when it seems my work is in vain and my life is without influence, I am reminded that mine is not to ask why, but to trust and obey... there are good days ahead.
Grace and peace my friends.

As usual, all of this stuff belongs to me, if you'd like to use any of it- let me know

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