Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Content. Full. Relaxed. Happy. I'm trying to think of more descriptors of the way I feel at the moment... I'm coming up short. I just got back from a quick trip with some friends to a restaurant in Des Moines- the Big Steer, as it was called, was excellent. There are few food items I can speak of more fondly than a truly exceptional steak. My ribeye was quite satisfactory. :^).

You may think it strange that I'm talking about beef this way- but you have to realize that I've been eating my own cooking for the last looong while. Now I should note that I'm reputed to be an excellent cook- and I do think that I do a good job when necessary... But there seems to be a strange phenomenon associated with my "bachlorhood"- my culinary drive just doesn't drive. It doesn't seem to matter how many people are eating my cooking (though I do enjoy serving a crowd), even when there's just another person and myself I can feel my creative juices moving.

I think I need a room mate... living alone is for the birds.

In case you haven't noticed- this is the first time I've posted here in quite a while. I suppose I could plead my case on the grounds that I've been incredibly busy for the past several weeks with my first round of exams (histophysiology, neurobiology, veterinary immunology, and comparative (gross) anatomy to be more specific), but I won't. I just haven't felt particularly philosophical or clever as of late. I think I need more sleep. Why is this feeling so familiar... (you'd think I'd have learned my lesson last semester).
I enjoyed a quick trip home this past weekend- turns out I and the friends I traveled with left just in time; another person from our class apparently left about an hour after we did and had to turn around at the Iowa/Minnesota border due to nasty roads and weather. Praise the Lord for His guiding hand.
Oh well... I think thats enough for now. I'm going to take my own advice and go to bed :^). Grace and peace,
Ben Oh yes... here's a picture I took of Charlie... for your viewing pleasure (isn't he just so cute? ;^) lol ).

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