Saturday, January 17, 2004

Hi, I just wanted to update you all with some new happenings on the website. First, you will notice that I've changed the title of my blog... and hopefully my attitude with it ;^). The Lord had been convicting me lately about being content with wherever He has me... and although I'd like to be back in ND, and feel God calling me there eventually, now is the time to be in Iowa. So here I am :^). In other news, you should go check out the articles and papers page- there are several new papers posted, not all newly written- but new to the site. Of course if ever anybody has any questions or comments on what you find written there (or here for that matter) please feel free to email me! I love hearing what people think about what I think (lol) and I'd appreciate any feedback you have (don't worry about offending me- lol).
Well, I guess thats about enough for tonight.
Happy reading :^). Grace and peace, Ben

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