Thursday, January 15, 2004

Greetings friends!
I have returned to the little city among the corn fields :^).
I had a wonderfully restful Christmas break at home with family and friends. Our family was alone for Christmas eve and day, but as per our tradition we again had our new years eve party- we had over 30 people over for homemade pizza (thanks to the Friesens for their wonderful desem crusts!), games, music, dancing (Thanks to Mrs. Johnson for the Virginia reel lessons!), and fellowship followed by a time of prayer and reflection as we watched yet another year of the Lord's faithfulness begin. It was so good to see what the Lord was and is doing in our midst, as my dad likes to quote "...This is the Lord's doing, it is marvelous in our eyes...". God is so good to us, I marvel at His love and mercy in my life. I hope you take time in this new year to get to know Him better- it is such a privilege to serve Him! Classes have started out well, I'm adjusting quickly to the new schedule- It's good to be back at the "grindstone", the time till graduation seems so much less when I'm in the middle of classes (smile).
As I've told many of you, God has really been teaching me a lot lately about doing everything "as unto the Lord", you know- I need to have the exact same attitude shoveling stalls or shredding paper as I do assisting surgery or going on farm calls. I need to always bear in mind that any activity I do, including breathing, is only temporary, and that God is using every situation in my life for some good purpose, to the glory and praise of His will. It may seem like a trivial issue, after all- the job is getting done isn't it? Ah, but the Lord has been showing me that it is really a lack of trust on my part to feel disgusted with a less than pleasant job- that really is the key issue... Do I truly trust Him. It's easy to think I do, easy to tell people I do... But do any of us really know what that means? What a great and good God we serve, when I am faithless, He is faithful, when I move away, He draws me back to His side, when I fear, He is Love... Selah (pause and calmly think of that ;^) ). At any rate, I am grateful to Him for His blessings, and I encourage you to think again of His goodness in your life. It is time for Bible study... And I said I would be there... Thus I must depart (smile). Be blessed my friends.
Grace and peace,

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