Saturday, January 17, 2004

Grammer... oi. Well, if you read any of the new articles you may have noticed that there were some errors (ruefull smile). They're fixed now... I guess thats what I get for working on it so late at night.

I went for a walk with Charlie (my basset hound) today. Last semester I had never had a chance (or the motivation it seems) to see more of what Ames has to offer in terms of walking trails, so I thought we'd explore the extent of the trail that goes behind my house. We walked and walked... and walked... and walked. We walked close to 3 miles, and still didn't come to the end of it. We both decided that we should try again another day (Charlie was so tired he couldn't even hold his tail all the way up in the air... he just sort of hobbled along behind me at half mast- lol). Then I realized we still had to walk all the way back home. Anyhoo... the long and the short of it was that Charlie got a 6 mile walk today... we're both a little out of shape it seems :^). I do love walking for excercise though- it's a rare treat that I get to do much walking in the middle of January (I'm used to -15 and a couple feet of snow this time of year :^) ), it was up to almost 30 today, and for all practical purposes we don't have any snow. Walking seems to have a wonderful effect on stress, it helps clear my mind, and puts me into a good mood for prayer and reflection. I've found even back at home that some of the times when I feel closest to God is when I'm out walking with nothing to distract me but the wind in my face, the birds singing quietly in the trees, and Charlie's soft clickity clickity of his nails on the trail. God is certainly good to so richly bless us with this earth, for all it's problems- there is no reason for despair. God is still in control (smile). It's time for supper. Grace and peace, Ben

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