Sunday, January 18, 2004

Changes... etc. I was fiddling around with my website today to see if I could get a hit counter to work- I got one loaded, and uploaded the changed page to the server. Alas, I uploaded a pre-server crash version, and my lovely link to this blog from my website was gone. Following a brief but intense period of great panic and near hyperventilation, I realized that I could just put a link to the blog in my "news" section and kill the proverbial two birds with one stone- I could make my old "news" section available for your viewing pleasure (hehehehe) as well as connect my weblog to the main website. So... thus I did, and so you know if you went through the website to get here :^).

In other happenings, I discovered one of the not so lovely sides of home ownership today... ah the joy of frozen pipes. Yes. It was all the way up to 6 degrees above zero today and apparently I found the limits of my heat tape's abilities. Sigh. I noticed that not all my pipes are frozen however, just the supply line to the kitchen sink, the toilet, and my washer... the sink, shower, and tub in the bathroom all work. Go figure. It's supposed to warm up a little tomorrow, so I'm hoping that the pipes will thaw (ever wonder why some people say "un-thaw" when they mean "thaw"? Just a curiosity that I've noticed from time to time- heh) on their own. If not, I guess I'll be soliciting the services of a space heater or something to stick under there and restore movement to my water. I was going to do it today, but since I didn't really need the services of those water sources, and because there was about a -10 windchill outside, I did not relish the prospect of spending an hour on my back beneath a frozen pipe. Honestly, I think I gave my neighbors enough entertainment to see me wiggeling underneath my skirting to see where the trouble was... not exactly my idea of a great time... my jacket steadily sliding up my back, leaving my shirt stuck to the semi muddy/frozen ground (with my skin getting ever closer to the aforementioned ground... not a pleasant sensation, trust me) , and looking up to see the mirthful face of the person next door peering out her living room window down at me. Ten years from now I will think of this and laugh. (I hope). At any rate, I had no sooner forced my half frozen legs up my steps and into my house when I noticed this strange looking "cheapcollegestudentesque" black station wagon with an enormous red white and blue "VOTE FOR HOWARD DEAN" sign in the back and side windows. I thought to myself... oh no... they're going to want to talk to me... So I ducked into my back bedroom peeking out from behind the doorframe to see if the election stumper had seen me through my open living room curtains. I started becoming annoyed (well, slightly more annoyed than I was outside on my back on the ground)... how terrible is it when you have to hide in your own house?! Somewhat emboldened, I went back into the living room and realized with some chagrin that it was only my next door neighbor's roommate- a ISU pol sci croney stopping for something at his house. Lol... what a neighborhood. Thank God for His sense of humor... just when I thought my life was getting monotonous. Grace and peace friends, Ben

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