Sunday, December 14, 2003

Whew... I finally had a chance to take a breath and post again. I'm in the middle of my last weekend before finals. Friday was our last day of class (Lord willing, that was the LAST biochemistry class I'll ever sit through- leap for joy, sing out loud, clap hands... etc). I studied all day today, and except for a break in the morning to go to church I'll be doing the same tomorrow... this is by far the hardest I've ever studied for exams. We have three final exams next week, one on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. Should be interesting... I think I'm almost prepared.

Some friends of mine and I got together tonight to study renal physiology, that was a good idea... hard topics seem to always be easier when studied with friends. We had an interesting discussion towards the end of our session... we were sitting staring at the dry erase board where we had just finished drawing the renin-aldosterone- angiotensin II system for the regulation of sodium and water flux in the nephron. I looked over at my friend James and said "and this all just happened by chance you know" (sarcastically, of course ;^) ). He and our friend Ann laughed and we spent the next fifteen minutes or so talking with each other about how amazing the animal system is and what a wonderful God we serve... it was great... it's little moments like that one that are such a blessing. I am so grateful to God for the friends He's given me over the years... even here at vet school He brought me in contact with other believers to encourage me and lift me up.

I want to encourage you this Christmas season to take time to reflect on all God has done for us, to thank Him for the little things He does everyday, the blessings he richly showers us with... Emmanuel... GOD is with us. How profound and simple and wonderful.

Blessings, grace and peace to you...

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