Saturday, November 15, 2003

Hey there,
I'm waiting for my sheets to dry... Deja Vu'.
I have good news though- my website is back up and running, though only from the last update. The site is now located at I guess my friend's server up and quit without telling him or any of their other clients... isn't that considerate of them. His website is also back up, at

I was saddened, though not suprised to hear that Alabama's Judge Moore was removed from the bench... I've become rather disgusted with our system these last few months. Our country has seen some attacks on Christianity before, but I don't remember a more organized onslaught happening in my short lifetime. It's a good thing we can be sure that God is in charge- it's very comforting to realize that I can have absolute faith in His ability to work all things together for our good.

I'm sure looking forward to my Thanksgiving break coming up- I'm ready to think about something other than school for a while... only 5 days till I'm taking off (sure feels good to say that!). I guess thats about all for now- sheets are done :^).
Grace and peace,

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